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Example of child adjustments at Anderson Family Chiropractic

1-2year old

Here is one way to adjust a 0-12 month old


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Thousands of people just like you have had the opportunity to experience the proven benefits of chiropractic. At Anderson Family Chiropractic, we are taking chiropractic care one step further, to be the industry leader by focusing on our patient's long-term health and not just simply pain relief. By helping you learn more helpful habits, we can transform the way that you think about your health for the better.

So while the reason you become a patient here at Anderson family chiropractic initially may be pain, we will help you achieve more vitality and quality of life than you ever thought was possible.

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This 90 year young gal explains how a lifetime of Chiropractic care has helped her maintain great health without drugs or surgery and how her daughter was cured of Polio by her family chiropractor.