For the last couple of months of pregnancy I could barely walk because my pelvis wouldn’t stay aligned. I was told by others that I would just have to wait until my baby was born, there was nothing else that could be done to get the adjustments to hold. I went to Dr. Anderson who, using the Webster Method, had me walking without pain for the rest of the pregnancy! He truly cares about his patients and works to find solutions.

Andrea J.

I had pain 24/7. Seeing Dr. Anderson has kept my pain manageable. The adjustments make my life free and I can live a normal life. I don’t have to give up my job and my hobby which involves my love for sewing.

Beverly O.

My pain was so bad that it was affecting my work performance. It was also affecting the way I could play with my grandchildren. After seeing Dr. Anderson only a few sessions, I could feel the difference. It did take a while for the pain to completely be gone. Dr. Anderson is so great about explaining what he is doing and why that I was reassured each time that I saw him. Dr. Anderson always takes special time and makes you feel like you are a friend and not just a patient. I tell everyone that is having any pain, that he was a wonderful gift and that he really knows what he is doing. Just give him a try and I am sure you will feel better. I did!

Deb P.

Going to Dr. Anderson has helped my body and my career. He has a great trust and care for his patients and is very in depth and knowledgeable about his work. I can’t thank him enough for what he has done for me.

Blake F.

I didn’t have full range of motion before coming to Dr. Anderson, and parts of shooting pain. I feel I can do more lifting and walking without pain. Dr. Anderson coaches me on stretches to do in order to keep them in place and help to make the muscles strong to hold things in place. I am always greeted with a smile and they always know it’s me when I call. The care I receive I will encourage others to do because of the care.”


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